Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Narpad Beach, Dahanu, Maharashtra

Narpad Beach is situated in Dahanu Region of Maharashtra. Narpad Beach is a connecting beach from Dahanu till Bordi. The structure of the Beaches of Dahanu and Bordi is such that during low… Continue reading

Devkund Waterfall, Bhira, Patnus, Maharashtra

Devkund waterfalls are situated near Bhira in Patnus region of Maharashtra near Tamhini Ghat. Devkund waterfall is a plunge type waterfall with estimated pool depth of 30 feet. The water is crystal clear… Continue reading

Korlai Fort, Alibag, Maharashtra

KORLAI FORT VIDEO Korlai Fort was built by Portuguese which is situated near Alibag in Revdanda and Korlai Beach. A beautiful Fort with magnificent views of surrounding region built in 1500s. Korlai Fort… Continue reading

Mogliche Lake, Khandicha Lake, Thane

Mogliche Lake / Khandicha Lake is a dam or reservoir in early days which used to provide water to Thane station area. This is dam is a history build in 1912. It was… Continue reading

Pelhar Dam Lake, Vasai Virar

Pelhar lake is a rock earth dam situated in Vasai Virar region which is a part of water supply unit to the cities. This dam was est in 1975. When viewed from above… Continue reading

Tamhini Ghat, Pune, Maharashtra

Tamhini ghat is one of the mountain pass located which connects Konkan region to Deccan. Tamhini ghat can be called as a sister ghat of Malshej ghat. Tamhini ghat is best visited in… Continue reading

Bassein Fort, Vasai Fort

The Portuguese built Bassein Fort here to strengthen their naval superiority over the Arabian Sea. In the 18th century, the fort was taken over by the Maratha army and fell in 1739 after… Continue reading

Khetwal Surname

Khetwal as ‘Khet’ in english means ‘Farm’. Khetwal people are from a village called Karuli, in Uttarakhand Bageshwar district 11 kms from main Bageshwar town. It is a small village which comes under… Continue reading

Suruchi Vasai Beach, Vasai

Vasai Beach, also known as Suruchi Beach is situated at far end of Vasai City. It is a black sand beach overlooking the Uttan Village as shown in below picture. However the beach… Continue reading