Khetwal Surname

Khetwal as ‘Khet’ in english means ‘Farm’. Khetwal people are from a village called Karuli, in Uttarakhand Bageshwar district 11 kms from main Bageshwar town. It is a small village which comes under post office Chirang.

Khetwal’s are Rajputs coming under Bharadwaj Gotra.

As there is no ethnic groups of Uttarakhand. Khetwal’s are said to have migrated from Rajasthan. It can be said that they are Rajasthani Rajputs which later after migration and settlement became Uttarakhand Rajputs. However no sources to this are present yet.

Khetwal’s are Kumaoni people.

Khetwal’s isht dev i:e local deity is Narsingh Devta (Human with lion head)

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