Golas in Mumbai

Golas are cool refreshing icy drink ¬†which is very popular in Mumbai. Especially during monsoons. One can find gola stalls everywhere in Mumbai, but most popular places are the beaches like Juhu, Girgaon,… Continue reading

What makes a dog cute ?

Well, I personally don’t own a dog but I love stray dogs, and what makes me think a dog or certain animal is cute is described below … When I see them, my… Continue reading

Yeoor Hills \ Yogi Hills \ Yeur Hills

Yeoor Hills is situated at Thane, It streches from Mulund all the way entire the Ghodbunder Road. It blocks and receive the first rainfall from the monsoon winds. It is also called Yogi… Continue reading

Does time really exist ?

What is this time ? Does time flows, yes as well as no … According to me … Whole world is a game of chemicals, except time … Time is zero, but comes… Continue reading

EAC Principle (Photography Tip By Gautam Khetwal)

I am an amateur photographer and based on my experience, I believe that good photographs does not depend on the quality of a camera. The camera is just like a pen which is… Continue reading

Leechers and Seeders

Leaching is a process when you try to extract data through a torrent file from a website or another computer. You are trying to extract the data just like a leech that extracts… Continue reading

Mini DV vs Hard Disk Drive Camcorders

MiniDV camcorders vs HDD Mini DV camcorders record movies in cassette hence they give the highest quality of video. Unlike HDD they are stored in cassette tape hence there is no compression of… Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Kodak Easyshare Z915 Camera

Kodak easyshare z915 is a good semi professional consumer level camera for the hobby people and above all is very cheap for its features Pros 10MP, 480DPI, CCD camera which captures crispy and… Continue reading